Post-yoga quick spinach salad goodness

Post yoga Spinach Salad

Tonight was an atypical Friday night in San Diego.  It was raining, cold(ish), and my room mate and I went to a free/donation yoga sculpt class at the new North Park CorePower (love them!) to raise money for Yoga for Hope.  The staff graciously provided wine and Ranchos, which is right next door, sent over some yummy taquitos, quac, and salsa.  But it just wasn’t enough and we were both craving a little more food.  The roommate had nothing on the cupboards, so I offered to put a quick snack together.

In my mind I ran over what I had in the fridge (spinach, eggs, some bread, chicken breasts…did I really want to cook chicken…no…) while at the same time my roommate said he might make some eggs.  I had also  recently saw a show where someone was poaching eggs by making a spinning vortex in the water and it’s been percolating in the back of my head.   I just don’t poach eggs all that often and I’ve been dying to try it.  So, bam…the dinner concept was formed.  Poach the eggs, toss some of the bagged spinach in a yummy lemon hummus vinaigrette I had just picked up at Fresh and Easy, and use some leftover sourdough bread to make garlicky croutons.

About 20 minutes later, 4 poach egg attempts later, and some toasted garlicky bread done in the oven…light dinner perfection!  Ok they eggs weren’t the most perfectly poached eggs, but for the first  time really doing it, not half bad!  They were more successful towards the end, when I really swirled the water and made sure it was nice and hot but not a roiling boil.   And making essentially a bruschetta with out the topping was a killer satisfying crunch to soap up the egg and the dressing left over.

The roommate didn’t complain either so I’m assuming it didn’t suck.  Too bad the only wine (ok open wine) I had to go with it was a chardonnay.  Just not a fan!


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  1. Yeah for you! I’ve always thought about starting a blog but never got around to it … Look forward to future posts!

    1. Thanks Kristen! It is just in it’s infancy. Maybe you can be a “guest blogger”? At a minimum, you will get to enjoy some of the meals!

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