Oscar desserts – Chinese Donuts with homemade caramel dipping sauce

Ok kids, it is Oscar night. We need energy to keep up with the red carpet caddy comments. I mean, these ladies spent MONTHS getting ready for the night with the dresses and what not. We owe it to them to be amped up on champagne and sugar to rip ’em to shreds! My favorite Mission Hills couple have invited a few of us over and ordered some party platters. I decided to whip up a quick batch of chinese donuts and some caramel sauce. Certain designers said they don’t like donuts, but then after a sneaked dunk in the caramel and furtive inhaling of the donut, minds are changed and worlds rocked!

The secret to this dessert is using Grands buttermilk biscuit dough from the refrigerator section and shaking the fresh golden fried goodness in a sugar, orange zest, and cinnamon mix. And of course – make the caramel sauce from scratch! So easy with sugar, water, heavy cream and vanilla as the only ingredients.

Recipes stolen from Sunny Anderson:
(http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/orange-sugar-fried-donut-holes-recipe/index.html) and Ina Garten (http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ina-garten/caramel-sauce-recipe2/index.html). Thanks ladies!!

Now, about that “dress” Cate Blanchet…


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