Chinese broccoli-kale chicken stir fry

Ryokuho - chinese kale

I could NOT wait to cook this veggie I pulled in from my garden and I FINALLY got to it tonight!!  It’s Ryokuho – a Chinese kale is also known as kailaan or Chinese broccoli. I couldn’t find oyster sauce at the store, but their “stir fry” sauce is pretty close.    I had some Chinese rice wine so I figured I could have a good go at it.

Breaking out the wok, I browned some thinly sliced chicken with garlic in peanut oil.  I took the meat out, sauteed the chinese kale that had been diced into 2 inch pieces, put the chicken back in, put some of the stir fry sauce, some rice wine, a touch of sugar, pepper and let everything come together for a few minutes.  I garnished with some fresh cilantro I have in a pot out back and enjoyed a great weeknight chinese dinner!

Chinese Kale and chicken!


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  1. Gorgeous! Those greens look fantastic! By the way, I get oyster sauce at 99 Ranch in Clairmont Mesa. It keeps in the fridge for a long time:-)

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