First Frittta



First swiss chard harvest!

What do you do with the first yummy crop of swiss chard from your garden?  YOU MAKE A FRITTATA!  And a frittata making I went this weekend.  I washed the chard really well, got a skillet out, heated some olive oil up, diced some garlic, and sauteed the chard with some leftover carmelized onions I had in the fridge from some pasta I had made earlier in the week.  (The pasta wasn’t worthy of posting…it was just 100% delicious comfort food that was Rigatoni with browned ground pork in a jar of store bought marinara sauce, doctored with those carmelized onions of course!)


Sauteed Swiss chard and carmelized onions


Add some beaten eggs with parmesean, mix the veggies around, sprinkle some parmesean on top, and stick into the oven to finish off and ya get a nice puffy, eggy, cheesey, swiss chardy frittata.


Fresh out of the oven Frittata







I can wait for all the ones to come after this.  Yay swiss chard!!  Now, who has the coffee?


2 thoughts on “First Frittta

  1. That chard is so gorgeous! It makes such a difference fresh from the garden!!! Those leaves look so tender not all old and tough like the stuff I just got at a major organic type grocery store.
    Love your stuff….would love it better if I knew BEFORE you were making something so I could actually be there for dinner. Not that reading about it after the fact isn’t almost as fulfilling.

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