Birthday Cupcakes

For the roommates birthday. I know, I rock right?! 😉 Happy birthday Curt Lewis!!

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10 Responses to Birthday Cupcakes

  1. Yummm. Red velvet with cream cheese frosting?

  2. Zoe Dunning says:

    I’ll be right over . . .

  3. Sheila, Yup! Paula Dean’s recipe.

  4. Zoe, the party is only like 10-11 peeps. There will be plenty of cupcakes. Get down here!!!

  5. I really wish that trash can wasnt the background of the photo!!
    Chris, you missed out. They were super good. 🙂

  6. Jeremie Guy says:

    Do you deliver to Switzerland?

  7. Zoe Dunning says:

    Craig Wilgenbusch July 10th. Just sayin’ . . . .

  8. Curt Lewis says:

    Thank you, roomie. They were delicious.

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