Radical, I have radishes!

The radishes are here!

Ahhh, Friday night. I decided to try a bottle of sake I got at the Japanese store when I was shopping for Hello Kitty supplies for my Easter bonnet (yes you heard me right). Can it get any better?? I had just gotten a haircut tonight, and went out to water the garden with sake in tow.

Not thinking the radishes were ready yet, I got a surprise though and pulled these up!! AWESOME!! Roomie was out in the yard on a rare occasion, so he got one straight from the garden. I was feeling very generous and trying to relieve the growing stress of giving him a list of things to do while I will be away for the next four days. (Niece’s college grad in Ohio. God knows what I will be eating but being with my family will make it better. MUCH better!!)

These radishes made the perfect snack. I had stopped at the Mariscos Germán seafood truck and got a fish taco and a taco of “camerones encebollada” (shrimp with onion) and just needed a little nosh more. Incidentally, those two yummy tacos chock-a-block full of seafood were only $5. Crazy!!

Back to the radishes. A couple of pieces of toast, some butter, sea salt, and the radishes sliced up and I was satisfied!  Thank you Barefoot Contessa for clueing me into this wonderful French delight.   I’m so excited for them to start coming in.  I can plant more now.

Off to Ohio!



One thought on “Radical, I have radishes!

  1. Ok, I just re-read this. I did NOT try the entire bottle of sake, despite my poor writing skills making it seem like that is what I was saying. 🙂

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