Roofing – day 2 and a cucumber bread salad

The roofing continues – back half of the house. And I continue to get further behind at work. I was able to cull though some of the email until I was in explicitly not able to log in after lunch. I’m glad lunch was worth it!

Continuing yesterday’s summer garden love fest and combining it with some left over 4th of July BBQ, I threw together this cucumber bread salad with roasted corn, tomato, and red onion. BEST THING ABOUT FALLING BEHIND AT WORK! 🙂

Here’s the approximate recipe:

– 3 Japanese cucumbers (or English if you don’t have these growing in your garden) 🙂
– 3-4 tomatoes (I had 2 small ‘black xebra’, 1 ‘Roma’, and 1 ‘San Marzano’ from the garden.
– 2 ears of roasted cooked corn, cut off the cob. (I had some boiled sweet corn left and roasted it directly over the flame of a stove burner, then cut if off the cob.)
– 1 small diced red onion
– diced and toasted left over bread (I had left over garlic loaf)
– drizzle with olive oil and splash with red wine vinegar
– salt and pepper to taste



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