The ultimate sweet potato fry!

I have always loved sweet potato fries, but wanted to make them healthier at home and not use a ton of oil. So I’ve tried many ways to bake them with a drizzle of oil. In the oven. On tinfoil. On parchment paper. On a silicone sheet. ON THE BBQ. To no avail. They come out soggy and burnt on one side and very underwhelming.  So, after watching an awesome episode of “From Spain with Love” on olive oil I decided enough was enough…I was going to fry sweet potatoes the way God intended! I sliced them up, fried them once gently until cooked through, took em out and cranked the heat up until the olive oil and fried them for a second time. The got nice and golden within a minute or so. I took them out, put them on a paper towel to drain and sprinkled them with some kosher salt. PERFECTION! Happy happy.

Sweet potato fries and green beans - freshly done in olive oil!

So, whilst I was at it…I had some chinese long beans fresh from the garden. Ok, I have a LOT of them from the garden. I was running out of ideas. I cut this batch into matchsticks and dusted them lightly with flour. I found these were must yummy when friend gently and quick. Salt right after removing of course!

Salad with the fruits of my frying

The sweet potato fries and green beans went perfectly with some leftover sliced cold chicken breast on top of a wild rocket salad mix from Fresh and Easy. Dressing – an emulsion of … yes more olive oil and sherry vinegar. After all, olive oil is healthy for you…right?!?!


5 thoughts on “The ultimate sweet potato fry!

  1. They’re called fries ’cause they’re not baked! Or at least they should be. Those look amazing, Craig. Before long you’re going to be competing with The Pioneer Woman! The Urban version. 🙂

  2. Thanks Craig! Who’s The Pioneer Woman and should I be embarrassed for asking? Also, I need an editor. I hate proof-reading. I typed “backed” vs “baked” and didn’t catch it until after I published. doh

  3. Two things: A.) I want to be your editor in exchange for snacks. 2.) Thank you for exposing the truth behind baked fries. I keep attempting “healthy” fries for The Dude by baking the sweet potato variety and blech!! I will no longer deprive him.

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