Home grown fettuccine, fava beans, marscapone, and prosciutto.

So I mentioned I had lots of garden fresh fava beans and no idea what to do with them and my friend came to the the rescue –  with a recipe and offer to bring over fresh pasta dough, pasta rollers, and the ingredients for her dish.  Love her! (PS – she cuts a mean head of hair as well at Hair Play Salon.  Check her out!!)

De-shelled fava beans waiting to be de skinned.

So two nights after processing the fava beans in front of the TV, we were ready to cook.  Fava beans take a LOT of processing.  Shelling, skinning….yoikes!  They are so worth it though.  What a treat!

Frozen fava beans - Freeze for 30, thaw for 10, then skin!

So, around 6 PM the troops descended, the kitchen aide was pulled out and we got to rolling out the dough and then making fettuccine.  There were some nice appetizers (crostini with black and green olive tapenade, shaved parmesan, and achovie) and vino as we worked.  And hour or so later – the reward!

Dinner is served!

There is nothing like fresh beans and fresh pasta!!!  Of course we made the recipe (see below) our own with a little touch of this (garlic) and a little touch of that (red pepper flakes).   It was stupendous!    The dessert of a fresh made apple and pear galette with cherry whiskey whipped cream didn’t hurt either.  I love having pie crust in the freezer ready to go.   Oh, and next time Ms Chef, maybe you can get your whipped cream machine to work.  😉

The recipe:

The Recipe - courtesy of Williams and Sonoma


PS I have SO MANY FAVA BEANS LEFT OVER!! Any more ideas to try out??  Send them my way.

Love to all,  CW


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