Pimientos de Padrón Fritos

While waiting for my real lunch to cook, I was looking at some peppers I had brought in from the garden this morning while watering – the padrón peppers are here!!! It was going to be 45 minutes until my main meal was going to be ready, so I figured why not cook these up the only way they should be cooked: quickly fried up in a pan with a tablespoon or so of olive oil, then sprinkled with some salt. Mmmmmmm. Done! Just let them cool down before you chow down.

These peppers, originally, from Galicia, are a popular tapa in Spain. I love to grow them here in my garden so I have an every ready and available source of appetizers throughout the summer, when I tend to entertain more. Make sure you pick these puppies when they are an inch or inch and a half, unless you want a surprise now and then; they can get hot when they stay on the plant longer! But that is part of the fun with these, not knowing if you’ll get a kick or not!! Don’t worry, they aren’t OVERLY spicy though.

One can also grill these on a BBQ as well, which is fun if it is already fired up and ready to go for other food. Just make sure you toss them in a bowl with olive oil before throwing them on the grill.

Oh – and when you order them in Spain make sure you ask for pimientos fritos not piminentAs; with an ‘a’ is peppercorns and even if I really wanted it, my waitress in Madrid was NOT going to give it to me. Oops – lesson learned! :-




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