Whole Wheat No Knead Bread

Yesterday was a warm one. The kind of day that is super good for rising bread without having to turn an oven on to get that temperature that makes the yeast eat up those sugars and produce gas that produces a nice puffy dough. It was a genius plan, so it seemed in the morning.20130901-081214.jpg Until I had to turn on the oven to full tilt boogie at 8:30 pm, when the house was already in overdrive baking mood and my little window unit wasn’t hacking it. I had to proceed though, or my dough would have gone to waste. I bit the bullet, and this is what I was rewarded with – yummy, taste, 100 percent whole wheat, organic home made bread! And a delicious breakfast next morning as well. My brother and sister-in-laws kumquat jam was perfect on it.
I’ve made no knead bread before, but wanted to try it with whole wheat. I picked up a bag of Rob’s Red mill organic whole wheat at Sprout’s the other week so I decided to go for it. My first attempt was 1 for 1 replacing whole for the white wheat in the normal recipe. Not so much…. Can you say brick of bread? So I did some research and found this link:

Cook’s Illustrated Almost No Knead Bread

Brilliant! It works like a champ and is super easy and delicious. Give it a shot!! And if you are having a lazy day like I was yesterday (think heat and small ac unit), just producing a beauty of a loaf like totally makes up for all that other unproductiveness!!!!



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