Baked chicken chile verde stuffed poblanos

I’m keeping the theme rolling for yesterday and will not be behind anymore.   And in keeping with that theme, I got a new pair of running shoes in the mail today when I got home from work and went for a run…no more big behind!  Har har, right?!

Yesterday I posted about the roasted tomatillo and poblano salsa verde.  Tonight’s catch up is what I did with it.  This post is only a month an a half late.  My apologies to those who were waiting for it.

I am fascinated with the idea of chile rellenos, but can never skin the pepper enough with leaving the flesh intact or get the breading right without making a greasy fried mess.  Well, with the next batch of garden fresh poblanos I was ready to get rid of those fears.  Well, at least one.  I could do without the frying.

Step one of this process was to take some chicken thighs, put then in the slow cooker and cover them with a jar of the roasted tomatillo and poblano salsa verde, add some whole cumin and coriander, turn it to low, cover and go to work.  When I got home, the chicken was fall apart  tender delicious.  I shredded the thighs and put them back into the salsa and juices.  Yum.

Next was blistering the peppers.  I did them under the broiler on a sheet pan, turning them a few times until they were charred but not too charred, putting them into a bowl covered with plastic wrap next, to cool and steam.   The skin came off great while keeping the peppers intact!

I was kind of winging it this time and remembered some jalapeño poppers I made that weren’t deep fried (a Emeril Lagasse recipe of all things), so I decided to take the same approach with the poblanos.

I stuffed the poblanos with the chicken chile verde and set them all on a tray and got my dishes ready for the pepper coating.    One had scrambled eggs, the next had some flour with a little smoked paprika, salt and pepper stirred in, and the next had panko break crumbs.  I dregged each stuffed pepper first in the flour, then the egg, then the panko crumbs making sure it was coated well.  After all the peppers were coated, I put them in a baking dish sprayed with a little cooking spray.   I sprinkled a little more smoked paprika on top and popped them into a 350 degree oven for about 30 minutes, or until the crust was golden.    BEST NON DEEP FRIED NO CHEESE CHILE RELLENOS EVER!!

Baked chicken chile verde chile rellenos
Baked chicken chile verde chile rellenos


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