Cooking lessons

So when one opens there big fat trap on facebook, one ends up giving a “cooking lesson.” Never tease someone about their burnt pizza or inability to boil water unless you are prepares to show them how it T.I.S. done. And then be prepared they might just actually know how to cook more then they let on too, but are just hiding that fact for some freebies.

Not that I mind either. I love a good excuse to have friends over for dinner. Especially new ones and ones I haven’t connected with in a long time. Inevitably there are good laughs and new insights about them you didn’t know before. Now if I could’ve just managed to take even ONE picture of what we (yes WE…it WAS a lesson after all) this blog post might have some more visual interest.

The menu: arugula salad with grapefruit and fennel, seared sea scallops with fettuccine in a tarrgon infuses béchamel sauce, and molten lava chocolate bourbon cakes. Delicious right? Yet not one dang picture of the food. Apparently I not only need a sous chef, but a staff photographer.

Dinner was flawless though. The salad was scrumptious, and we all learned or were reminded about how to make a basic vinaigrette. The béchamel was flawless! Sea scallops seared to perfection. Time to dig in.


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