Lunch with the rain


Inspired by the chefs over at Canal House Cooks Lunch, I was inspired to do a little simple “this is what I ate for lunch” post.

I needed something simple, fast, and healthy. I’m in a Bootcamp right now and my lasagna and wine for dinner last night at my favorite Italian restaurant with one of my favorite peeps, although delicious perhaps wasn’t in the Bootcamp food program.

After dinner, I stopped across the street and picked up one of my last Community Supported Agricultural Bags. Lots of good stuff, including pea shoots, even at this time of year! I love San Diego’s growing season.

The menu was decided: grilled salmon patties (ok, they were frozen – cut me some slack!), garlicky sautéed peat shoots, and oven baked crispy sweet potato fries – all with a maple, dark soy, sesame oil, togarashi glaze. Not half bad Wilgenbusch. Not half bad. Now to keep eating on and Bootcamp on!


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