Get out of bed early chocolate chip pancakes with bananas


Sometimes you need to get up early and make dark chocolate chip pancakes with sliced banana on top. This morning was one of those mornings. I needed the fortitude to take down my Christmas tree. I broke out my trusty Costco sized bag of Krusteaz buttermilk mix. It’s a 10 lb bag…does anyone want some? Seriously. Come and get it!!

Regardless of it gynormous size, it’s really my go to pancake treat solution. All you do is add water, lightly mix, add any extras and pour on the griddle! This morning I added some dark chocolate chunks, sliced up some banana, sprinkled some powdered sugar, and added a light drizzle of Trader Joe’s Organic Midnight Moo syrup. Breakfast treat done!!

Ok – so it may not be on the sugar-free juice all raw gluten-free macrobiotic New Years cleanse everyone is on. But hey, I’m not drinking alcohol for the month so I need to compensate somehow!!

Now to tackle that Christmas tree…


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