Spicy Pork with quinoa, mushrooms and kale

I am not lying when I say that this is the quickest meal that I’ve cooked, from scratch of course.  Yes, I am going on the record to say that heating something in the microwave does NOT qualify for cooking.  Shocking I know!  Regardless of expediency, this is also one of the tastiest meals I’ve thrown together, especially in 20 minutes.

So this is how this thing goes down:

  1. Stop at Target Express on the way home from almost debilitating workout at GFit (thanks Jules).  Ignore people looking at you walking funny. It was the workout people!!
  2. Grab mild italian sausage (not in the case), pre-cut baby portabello mushrooms, pre-cooked garlic quinoa (I did say this was a quick meal), and red onion.
  3. Get home before you start to stink and really gross people out.  Shower immediately.
  4. Put a pan on high heat with a tablespoon or two of coconut oil and brown the sausage.
  5. While the sausage browns, dice the onion.  After the sausage has nice brown color, toss in the red onion and mushrooms and stir often.
  6. Go to fridge. Get jar of sambal matah procured from Trader Joe’s a while back that’s been hanging out in the fridge waiting for a use.  What’s sambal matah you ask?  An Indonesian “salsa” that is amazing mix of peppers, lemongrass, garlic, and shallots. All the work is done for you already for a great flavoring!  Toss a tablespoon or two…or three in according to your taste.  Stir and let those delicious flavors soak into the pork and mushrooms.
  7. Add pre-cooked organic garlic quinoa.  This is shelf-stable pre-cooked quinoa.  It’s got a fair amount of sodium in it SO DON’T ADD ANYMORE SALT!  Between the heat of the sambal matah and the salt in both that and the quinoa, you are good to go.   A total cheat, but I did say this was a quick meal.
  8. And a handful to two of tuscan kale from the garden on top and stir to warm through.
  9. Eat a bowl full.  And then walk away from the kitchen to write the post to ensure you don’t eat the entire thing.
    A one dish delicious dish!
    A one dish delicious dish!

    Let's hope I can stick to one bowl of this goodness.  My mouth is tingling with delicious flavor sensations!
    Let’s hope I can stick to one bowl of this goodness. My mouth is tingling with delicious flavor sensations!

I’m definitely keeping this one in the repertoire.  It’s a great combination of something that could be Italian and something that could be Indonesian.  It was quick, full of healthy flavor, has great colors, and best of all I don’t feel guilty for eating it…if I can resist eating the rest of it before I get the leftovers in the


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