You say rocket…

…I say arugula walnut pesto!! And that’s what I did when my favorite chef/business owner/philanthropist/volunteer organizer gave me a HUGE box of leftover arugula (rocket?) from Specialty Produce

Peach galette

You know it’s bad when you do things like this when your home spending a Sunday on the couch sick. Yup, not only do I have a cold


After an epic yet enjoyable family visit/early 40th birthday party/4th of July holiday I did not return to work today. I stayed home. To have my roof repaired

Easter Cupcakes

After this weekend, I’m on a cup cake hiatus.  Two weekends in a row, with the ensuing week of left over frosting in the fridge might be just

No knead bread

To be honest, I feel like I just performed an Easter weekend miracle.   I…ME…with NO bread baking experience to speak of…made THIS loaf of amazing bread: A

Birthday Cupcakes

For the roommates birthday. I know, I rock right?! 😉 Happy birthday Curt Lewis!!

First Frittta

    What do you do with the first yummy crop of swiss chard from your garden?  YOU MAKE A FRITTATA!  And a frittata making I went this