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Sweet potato and kale pizza – it’s healthy right?!

This happened Friday evening, aka tonight. That and a 1/2 bottle or so of white wine with a friend. No explanation to follow. I’m busy eating. And drinking. So good!! (Thanks CorePower yoga Facebook page for the link) Pizza recipe: … Continue reading

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Lemon curry chicken at 35,000 feet

So I will admit that I’m not eating or making these at 35,000 feet. That would be really cool though right? I am, however wishing I could have an inflight meal of these right now. I’m on my way back … Continue reading

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THE Beef Wellington!!

Finally.  I WILL sit down and write this blog post.  The writing block surrounding this particular culinary endeavor has almost been as bad and scary and intimidating as actually making the beef wellington itself, complete with puff pastry from scratch. … Continue reading

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Chicken Chickpea stew

Baby it’s cold outside and I needed a quick warm up dinner!! It’s been unusually cold here for 3-4 days in a row now, down to around freezing at night. That just ain’t right for SOCAL!!! I also wanted something … Continue reading

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Steak and Cheese, My Way

Happy holidays everyone!  I’ve been off work since Friday evening and have fully decompressed, enjoying time in my house and time with good…no strike that…GREAT, friends, complete with a prime rib Christmas dinner.   And as if I haven’t had … Continue reading

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Chicken tikka masala and reclaiming my youth

Tonight’s meal was meant to be an enticement.  An enticement to get some of my friends to try out a local neighborhood bar around the corner from my house who was having an “80s vs 90s” night.  I had been … Continue reading

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