Saag Paneer

Fresh from a trip to London and inspired by my penultimate meal of Indian food, I needed saag paneer.  Fresh, homemade, cheese made from whole milk, made golden

Comfort food congee

Ok this gets written before I pass out completely from jet lag. I just got back from a trip to Amsterdam and Copenhagen with my sister and brother

Slow cooker chicken chili

Full disclosure: this will be a short post and mostly me raving about how great this recipe from Smitten Kitchen is.  In addition, if I didn’t take advantage

Mad for Macarons!

If you haven’t noticed, I am a bit mad for macarons.  A bit obsessed one might say.  The delicate almond, egg white, and sugar cookies area  perfect nexus

Lunch with the rain

Inspired by the chefs over at Canal House Cooks Lunch, I was inspired to do a little simple “this is what I ate for lunch” post. I needed

I made my own yogurt!!

I recently added NPR to my Facebook feed and am really liking the gems they post, but arguably my favorite one so far was the post “Yes, It’s

Cooking lessons

So when one opens there big fat trap on facebook, one ends up giving a “cooking lesson.” Never tease someone about their burnt pizza or inability to boil

Chicken and kimchi stir fry

How did I go from not liking kimchi as a child to loving it as an adult.  No, “not liking” isn’t strong enough – hating?  DETESTING.  Yes.  Ridiculing

Pick-up Paella

I’m going to get some grief from some by calling this a paella.  It’s not the paella that people think of with the beautiful prawns and mussels you’d

Monday night Padrons

It’s hot out. Well, all things considered not THAT hot. It’s not Death Valley hot. It’s not even El Cajon hot. Ok it’s just kind of warm and

Okayu, plus some.

This lunch started as some simple okayu, or Japanese rice porridge. I had felt the beginning of a sore throat over the last few days and needed some

Smoked Paprika Kale chips

I need to stop eating these.  Wait, do I need to stop eating these?  I’m so confused!  They are chips.  But they are kale.  HELP!!! The garden gave

Master of the gnocchi

Thank you Aida Mollenkamp.  Thank you for combining two of my favorite things, gnocchi and sweet potato.  Thank you for writing a recipe that would finally enable me

Tomato and corn pie

I’m remiss – I didn’t take a picture of this fresh, but it was even better the next day! At work even, without the benefit of a beautiful

Radish time!

Tough day… the universe was really poking at me, working my last nerve.  But it rewarded me with some garden goodness when I got home.  I pulled up

Vietnamese graduation lunch!

After my favorite run/surf/yoga buddy’s law school graduation, I got the Asian mother guilt when I hesitated to accept the family invite to join them for lunch. WOW!

You say rocket…

…I say arugula walnut pesto!! And that’s what I did when my favorite chef/business owner/philanthropist/volunteer organizer gave me a HUGE box of leftover arugula (rocket?) from Specialty Produce

Peach galette

You know it’s bad when you do things like this when your home spending a Sunday on the couch sick. Yup, not only do I have a cold


After an epic yet enjoyable family visit/early 40th birthday party/4th of July holiday I did not return to work today. I stayed home. To have my roof repaired